its all about having fun


These photos belong to a project that I did for school back when I was living in Barcelona during my second year there. it was alot of fun becus we could choose to do whatever that came to our mind. we could to do whatever we wanted to. ok, it was for my journalism course so the photos weren´t supposed to be arty but hey, thats my style, i cant do anything about that so I did it my way. so i walked up and down the big streats of Bcn center taking photos of people through windows and trying to see how they acted and how they were standing, talking etc. when we had to show our project to our techers I had to defend my project quite much becus since it wasnt supposed to be arty i had do defend it. but i think they were quite impressed by me becus they all hd spanish as their first language whereas spanish is my 3rd language and i succeeded to defend my project in Spanish and also to get my teachers on my side=) so that proves hat a bit of determintion never stops anyone even if its in a another language..