so so magical

I find sunsets and skies so…peaceful. there´s no such thing as two sunsets that look the same and especially when your are by the sea it is as if something magical happens between the nature and the sky. magic and peace meet and create…well more magic. I am born and raised by the sea and our summer house is also right by the beach so it might be that I have an abnormal closeness to the sea but I just have to be close to the nature and the sea or else it feels like I can´t breath. I feel serenity as soon as I´m close to the sea. It doesn´t matter if its stormy weather or if its sunny weather, it always calms my thoughts when I go to the beach and I sea the sea. and we should´t mention what sunsets do to me. they are so magnificent and so beautiful. so so beautiful. and they look different every time which I find amazing and even a mystery. and if there´s anything that I like and find fascinating , its magic and the beauty of the nature.

Whenever there´s a sunset I always do my best to catch it with either my iphone or my camera. I just love sunsets. they are so beautiful. and so fascinating and thrilling. I find them so peaceful and exciting because they look different every time. And plus, depending on from which angel you take the picture, the sunset can have a completely different look which is something I love about photography.

here are some of my photos of the nature and sunsets from last year. Hope you will enjoy them<3

Basically all of them are taken at my parents summer house.

IMG_4286 IMG_4288 IMG_4381 IMG_3569 IMG_4572 IMG_4373 IMG_5515 IMG_7933IMG_8213

As you can probably see I´m a huge fan of sunsets. they are just so magical. so so magical.

mucho amor/H