The healing effect of nature and sea

I have stayed at my parents summer house for five, almost six months now (because of Corona and because I sublet my apart to someone else from march – end of August, so it is more fun staying here and have company than staying at my parents place in Malmö where I would be alone) and I must say that it has been sooo nice and soo good for my soul to stay here! Mainly because it is right by the sea and it is surrounded by nature. I have always known that it is good for your soul to be close to nature and it is not like that thought hasn´t crossed my mind before, but it is as if this period has been an eye-opener for me how damn good it feels to stay here for a longer period of time! Every morning I wake up and it feels so good to wake up and I feel so blessed and happy to wake up in my bed here knowing that I´m on the countryside and have nature and sea so closeby. Every morning when I wake up I walk down and I open the door to the garden and I step out in the garden and I look at all the trees and bushes and the lawn and I just feel so blessed to be able to live so close to the nature and the sea.

I have said it before but I never get sick of saying it; beautiful nature makes me happy, and especially being so close to the sea makes me so happy and it calms my mind. And that brings me to what I write about; how important it is to do things that are good for your soul, and that it is important to be close to nature and if it is possible; be close to water of any kind (in my case it is the sea but for others it can be a lake or a pond or a river), that is important for me, it may not be important to other people, everyone has their own idea on what makes them calm and what is good for their soul. I have for the last eight years or so known and understood that it is being close to nature and the sea is very important to me (god I´m really repeating myself here many times…but I just want to emphasize the importance of nature and the sea), but I did´t realize HOW important it was to me until dear Corona came and ”conquered” the world and ”made me” (not really made me because it is not like I was being forced to move here, but I would´t have moved here in April already if it were´t for Corona) move here and live here for six months. During these six months I have enjoyed everything so much! I have enjoyed everything so much more during this period, but that is for another post=).

But I have really enjoyed living in the nature everyday. I have enjoyed going for a run here so much more than I used to do, before I just did it automatically, it did´t really cross my mind that i could truly enjoy doing whatever I was doing, like going for a run for example. I have always loved going for a run, it is my way of having alone time and time to think and feel and get it out of my system, and it is a way for me to release emotions and tension, and also it is a way for me to exercise and therefor move my body so I won´t get restless later on. But this post is not about going out for a run, but I just wanted to say how much I have truly enjoyed doing that, from the bottom of my heart so to speak. And the times when I have gone out ofor a run in Malmö during this period i have been annnoyed at being interrupted by the sound of all the cars passing me by in the streets. Here on the countryside there are barely any cars at all, and if there are, there are maybe five or six cars maximum passing me by depending on what route i take. Sometimes I only meet people walking by with their dogs or their kids, or people pass me by running their bike. Sometimes I see preschool teachers walking hand in hand or in line with preschool kids and they are usually walking towards the sea, god that must be such a wonderful feeling doing that! I am so jealous of those kids and their teachers. I want to do that too hehe. But it looks so peaceful walking around in nature and walking towards the sea like they do, and it must be such a nice feeling doing that knowing that there is no traffic whatsoever with cars (these streets are only either pebbled streets or walking lanes) that can be dangerous for the kids. It is just adorable to see those kids walking with their teachers out in the nature. I can really see how much they are enjoying walking there and seeing them happy makes me happy so it is a win win situation for all of us.

So I have really enjoyed the nature on whole other level during these six months that I have stayed here, and I have really realized how good it is for my soul to stay here. I am repeating myself here once again, but I can´t emphasize enough how good it makes me feel to stay here=) There is something soothing and calming with nature and water. It also makes you feel less stressed because there is less traffic and less people here too. Because if there is a lot of people surrounding you they give you constantly impressions that you have to digest. Nature has a healing effect on people and that is something that I have noticed now that I have stayed here for a longer period than what i´m usually here for. That healing effect is addictive too (in a good way of course) and all I want is to wake up here, even when I go out in Malmö I get the last train back to Fortuna so i can wake up here, because waking up here is the greatest feeling on earth (right now at least=)). Not that I don´t want to wake up in my apartment in Malmö, because I love my apartment and I love the location and I love that I live so close to restaurants, bars and cafés and stores , but it is so calm here that i don´t really know what it is going to feel like to go back to living in my apartment when we have moved back home (when the weather has become colder and more windy and rainy), but I am sure I will be able to keep the calm inside of me when I live in my apartment…and that will be amazing too!

I have always thought I was a city girl with a touch of nature girl, but since I moved here (not for good though, only for this period) I have changed my perception a bit about being a city girl. I can totally understand those who move out to the countryside after having lived in the city for many years. Although, I think that is a romantic side of mine because I love living in the centre of where fun stuff happens. I love living close to many cafés and restaurants like I said before, and I love living close to my school and my parents house and to my friends, and I also love being so close to parks and the sea etc.Iit is important to me to have the freedom to be able to go anywhere I want to, like going to a café and sit there with my computer studying or blogging or do people watching. Either way I love going to cafés by myself (and with friends and family too of course) and I have that freedom where i have my apartment. Another good thing with living in the centre is that I never have to be restless because there is so much to do close by!

Buuut, my love for the nature and the sea is becoming bigger and bigger and so now I don´t know how I will ever be able to live in my apartment not being so close to nature…but I know i will change my mind as soon as the bad and cold weather arrives and then I will be all over the moon to live in my apartment <3.