my love for take away

i basically love every single photo that Ive taken of cappuccinos so I just couldn’t resist sharing with you the rest of the photos that I’ve taken recently=) these one are of take away coffee moments. some of them are taken in Barcelona where i went on vacation this summer and others are from Malmö and Stockholm. I really love taking photos of take away mugs, especially if the cup is a nice one, then I could take hundreds of photos of the take away mug=) the best thing about taking pics of ur take away mug is that u can basically go anywhere with it and take a nice photo. u can be on a walk in the nature and decide to go for a take away coffee. or u could take it with u home or sit a bench with a friend..the possibilities are endless and thats why i love taking pics of take away mugs=)

IMG_1794IMG_2914IMG_3498IMG_3433IMG_4368 IMG_4297IMG_3689IMG_3584IMG_3273