a light touch of heaven

One day about a month ago I decided to go the fields close to our summer house to take some pictures. It had been weeks since last time i had spent some time taking pictures of the nature and it felt really good! It was a beautiful day in the middle of July and it felt as if everything was at peace where i was walking. The field close to our summer house is just by the sea, over looking the island of Ven and parts of Denmark and it´s just beautiful! the fields, the air, the view, the smell of fresh air coming from the waves…I love that place..

Here are some photos form that day=) Hope you will like them.







Feeling free is exactly the feeling nature gives me which is my biggest  goal in my pictures. That all of my pictures will make everyone feel a touch of freedom and finally happiness. I think happiness and freedom is something everyone want to feel which is why it is important to me=).

Hope you all will have an amazing day.

mucho amor/