A touch of magic

today its a grey and ”normal” winter day and everything feels quite un-inspiring so i thought i would give som extra magic to the world because it makes everything so much more fun. so i flipped through my old pictures of nature and coffee etc and found some that were moments of magic and if theres something i absolutely loose its magic. doesn’t matter if its in clothes, in the air, in the nature, among friends…as long as its magic then I’m happy. it makes the world a bit more exciting and thrilling even in winter time (when we need the magic the most really) so here are some of my magic moments=)

hope you will like them<3

This one is taken in a beautiful town in south west of Sweden called Helsingborg which is a very elegant and well..beautiful town. my family has a beach house closely so I spend all my summers and christmases there and this time I had met a good friend of mine for coffee at the train station (she’s from male but lives in Halmstad, an hour away from Hbg, so she was just ”passing through” Helsingborg which turned out great for me=)) and when I stepped out of the train station to go to my car I saw these xmas lights nearby and thought to myself how beautiful everything looked. it all looked so magical to me and since Im a firm believer of magic I of course had to take a picture of it=)

IMG_7949this one is from new years eve in 2014 in malmö in the enter of Malmö. and what isn’t magic but fireworks?

this one is taken in Stockholm in the fall of 2012 when I was visiting family and friends and my friend took me to this Thai restaurant that had lots of lights in the ceiling which gave a feeling of being in Thailand which I didn’t mind=)


this is in xmas in 2013 at our summer house and it was all dark and cold when I was looking through the window to our garden and I saw these lights that my mum had put amongst the flower on the grass and I thoughts it was quite magical.


this is actually through our glass door in Malmoe and I wanted to catch a picture of the storm ”Sven” that was going on outside of our windows. It was in December and it was super dark and cold but there was also light coming from a lamp that we have in a wooden terasse in front of our glass door which made this effect. Thought it was quite beautiful. I love the contrast that light can bring.


This is in Barcelona, Spain that I visited for two weeks in the end of June last year (2014). I had to pickup my diploma from my photography school and I also hung out with my friends that still live there. so this was during Sant Juan which is a public holiday (always on the 23rd of June no matter what day it is) that I spent with a good friend of mine and her friends and we were walking by the harbour when I took this picture. theres something magical with mountains, water and the lights of the city.. just so…beautiful and magical. brings me peace.  Hopefully I can come back soon.


This is in Halmstad where a good friend of mine is living doing her internship at the hospital. I visited her for the week end in July when it was really warm in all of Sweden really. It was so hot you didn´t even need a cardigan. In Halmstad, which is a really nice city to be in during summer time, they have these restaurants that are built on top of wooden terraces on the water. its so cool. so this river is quite big and during night time it´s so beautiful. So so beautiful with all the lights. It gives a very peaceful feeling.


mucho amor/