All about mix and match in a beautiful way


I love mixing patterns with other patterns. I´ve never been afraid of mixing and matching patterns and colors. I guess I´ve always just matched whatever that has looked good on me or what has felt good at the moment. I put on what makes me feel confident and special. I´ve always loooved trying out new combinations, whether it´s combining different kinds of patterns or different kinds of colors. It´s just so much fun! 95 % of the time I think it´s so much fun picking out what kind of outfit I will be wearing that specific day that I get really excited which usually puts me in a great mood.

Putting together the right outfit and succeeding at it is such a nice feeling. In this case I´m wearing pants and a blouse from H&M that I bought xmas 2014. Even though I got it at xmas I knew it would be perfect thing to wear once the weather was a bit warmer cus the material is quite light, but since the blouse has long sleeves and you can combine it with a cool leather jacket it works out perfect. The scarfs was a birthday gift from two friends of mine that I got couple of years ago and I absolutely love it cus the scarfs has so many colors yet it´s very soft=).

If you don´t have the courage to mix and match the way I do it, don´t worry, there are many different ways of adding more patterns and colors to an outfit. Going outside your comfort zone when it comes to trying new outfits can be a bit challenging and scary, and not everyone is born with the same kind of confidence, but my advice is thinking about what kind of color range and what kind of style that you know looks good on you. For me as an example, I know that A-shaped clothes do NOT look good on me cus it hides my figure, I look like a huge pregnant woman (and not the cute pregnant look, but the kind that you don´t even wish for your own enemy), so I avoid those kind of clothes. I look good in clothes that follow my curve in a smooth way and clothes with cool details and a bit crazy shaped clothes. Usually we all all know deep down (or maybe it´s just me=)) what kind of style that suits us the best, so it is not about changing your style, it´s more like improving what needs to be improved. And well, I just see at it as something fun so for me it´s never a problem, but for those who don´t think it´s fun or do find it hard, just relax and breath. You can do it. Just go through your clothes (either in your closet or in your mind=)) and think about what looks and feels good on you and look through either stores or magazines and look for inspiration.

If you see some colors that you like a lot and you think that would look good on you, write that down on a piece of paper and then do the same thing with what kind of patterns and shapes that you would like to try. Another way to do it is to play around with what you already have, either by yourself or if you persuade a friend to help you with it. And then just have fun with it. If the combo doesn´t look good on you, well then you know that and then maybe you try that same skirt with another t-shirt. Or another blouse. Try not to think too much and just go with the flow. Because thinking has its´ way of ruining things.. or at least making them harder. So think less and just try until you are satisfied with what you got. And maybe you will be surprised by your courage and how much fun you have had. And then when you try the same technique at the stores, maybe you will end up having a good time. You never know what kinds of outfits you will end up by just having fun while doing that’s way.  And try clothes that you never thought you would wear, just for the fun of it.  Maybe you will find something really cool, at least that´s the way it works for me and my mum when we go shopping..=)I always have doubts at first sight whenever she suggests something but then it always looks cool on me and we end up buying it (not always but if it looks good on me we buy it) and my mum was right…yet again…