All about perspective (and warm weather, yaaay).

Wow, this weather that we have had recently has just been amazing. It is quite warm. ok the weather has been a bit up and down the recent two weeks, and it was warmer the first two weeks and these two weeks it´s been a bit chillier but still nice weather. The winds are warm and it´s even quite warm in the shadow (that is almost never the case in Sweden) and I have a feeling that everyone is screaming hurray inside. You can walk outside wearing a leather jacket and not freeze ur *ss off, I mean, how amazing isn that? It is almost too good to be true for us, because this winter (read between middle of February until the 4th of April) has been so long that I thought we would have winter all year long. It was snowing every week for seven weeks in a row more or less, and that is a long winter for us Swedes. It may come as a surprise for people who are not Scandinavians that we are surprised that we have had a long winter, but I can tell you guys that yes, we were surprised, because even tho we usually have a long winter, the winter usually does not entail snow seven weeks in a row (unless you´re from the north part of Sweden and you are practically born in snow, but that´s a different story) I think I can say with certainty that we were all quite happy to see that the snow disappeared last week and also that all of a sudden spring was here. I mean, whaaat did just happen? It´s of course amazing news, I def prefer warm weather (I even got a bit suntanned last week…*not bragging at all) but we were just very surprised to see that warm weather actually exists…

It feels like we all feel that hmmm..did something just happen? 1. can warm weather really exist? We forget it every year, we are always surprised every time that winter/summer comes along.. and 2. What was it that I was so annoyed at or bothered me last week or last month? With the arrival of the sunny and warm weather the things that bothered me so much before have almost disappeared. and 3 All of a sudden I feel so enthusiastic and motivated to do things. The same things that didn’t motivate me at all last week feels very motivating this is so strange how the weather and the sun (and the lack of sun) can have such power of you.

I saw this heart on the pavement close to the central station here in Malmö last week. It was cute I think. It really inspired me, more love everyday!

What I feel like doing right now is cleaning my whole apartment, throwing out all the junk and things that I´m sick of seeing everyday or am tired of, and buy new beautiful things (which includes  flowers of course) that I can add to my already full apartment. I also feel like changing my whole closet and buy a whole new closet. You know beautiful skirts and dresses and blouses that are made of light fabric. Pants and shirts that are just so cool that everyone wants to wear them. Clothes that are colorful and light, so light that they hardly take up any space in my closet. Buy new shoes that are just so cool and light. Clothes that I feel cool and chic in. Like a mix between Italian and French style ( and a touch of Swedish style too of curse) so I can feel a bit Italian (or French).                  I wouldn´d mind ATT ALL.

What is it with clothes and being so happy and content every time fall comes that you (read; me) have a style that you really like and you think you have developed your style, and at the same time you feel that the style you had last year was sooo…boring and you´re thinking, ”what the h*ll was I thinking there?”…It´s the same thing every year. When I get/buy new clothes for fall/winter I feel that I have really developed my style and I feel so stylish and cool, and when spring comes I am just so bored with what I have hanging in my closet and nothing feels right. And I just want to get a whole new closet. Ok, I get it; you have of course different kind of clothes for when it´s fall/winter compared to what you wear during spring and summer…but still…it´s more the feeling that something that you were so proud of is the same thing that you get sick of the second another season comes along…It surprises and confuses me every year..

A side track here…finally the season of wearing sunglasses is here!!!!!! I seriously love wearing sunglasses. Especially if you find a pair that really suits you. I love it.

I met two friends for dinner couple of weeks ago  and we were all on the same page, that we didn’t feel like doing anything social when it was snowing and now that the warm weather has come we all felt really motivated to do things. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed about our high and lows and we had really opposite subjects. One retro evening where we´re going to watch this serie that came during xmas time that was really popular that we used to watch back in the nineties when we were kids (series like Sunes Jul, and movie like Sunes sommar, you will only know what this is if you are Swedish and born before 1990 tho…), and we were also talking a lot about all the fun things that we wanted to try out and do, u know trying new bars and cafés and hanging out a lot more in Copenhagen etc.

It´s funny how warm weather and a dinner out with friends can change one´s perspective really…

One thing that I have to add is all the flowers that pop up out of nowhere. They may be small and you can barely see that they are in fact flowers, but they are flowers (even tho they are small) and that is a sign that the spring is here. In my parents´ garden I see flowers basically everywhere, they are yellow, purple and ..well I guess that´s it, but just the fact that they are here is just amazing. I have no clue what the name of them are…but it´s a very beautiful view that´s for sure. I just hope that more flowers in all sizes and colors will pop up soon *crossing my fingers.

These are flowers on my French balcony. What a feeling. Bye Bye to winter and grey weather and hello beautiful weather.

And me who loves talking to people sitting next to me at cafés or people working at cafés or similar places (or at mingle events) is screaming hurray inside of me when this beautiful weather arrives because even the most shy Swedish people will (most likely) greet you with a smile maybe on the street or baristas will greet you with a smile and say something non food or coffee related stuff…and people smile towards each other and they don´t mind talking to people that they don´t know. I get so surprised every year when this happens, it is as we forget how to be social and that it´s actually quite easy to smile to someone you don´t know and just have a friendly conversation with someone you don´t know. It is as if something magical happens within us when this sunny weather arrives because every one really meets you with a  smile on the face and people are just a bit happier in general. I love that!

This is a café in Rydebäck which is a quite big community very close to my parents summer house, the community is basically consisting of lots of apartments and villas but there aren´t that many cafés in the area so when I found this café ( a about year ago) I was soo happy. Finally I wouldn’t have to go that far for a cappuccino…that´s happiness for me!

Sunny weather also allows you to go on ”utflykter”, day trips with friends. Last Sunday me and a friend of mine we went to Lomma which is a very cute and modern small community just 10 minutes north of Malmö and it´s just by the water. Lomma has a beautiful harbour and quite many restaurants and cafés and ice cream cafés laying next to each other at the harbour and it´s a really nice place to visit when it´s beautiful weather.

Oh I really really hope that this summer will be a good one. it would be truly awesome if we could have some really nice and sunny weather…

I finish with this picture I thought it was quite funny…it´s in Swedish though…

(it means , you go grocery shopping and I will go for a coffee..)