all about the fun

I love playing around with selfies and I think it´s really fun to see what angles that will make the most interesting photo of one self. Because there are so many different kinds of angles that you can use. and it´s a lot of fun if you just let yourself play around with it and not take it so seriously. just like anything in life, it´s more fun if you play more, laugh more and dance more. A motto that I´m doing my best to embrace. Once I do embrace it everything becomes so much more fun cus I live in the moment instead of trying to chase happiness (which is a very easy thing to do unfortunately). It´s so easy to get caught in the drama of the small things or things that you don´t like about ur life or your friends/family etc and you think ”when I get that outfit I will be happy” or ”when I get that apartment i will be happy” and it makes you miss the moment of happiness during that moment. I also try to take myself a lot less seriously because everything get so much easier and more fun that way. Which is easier said than done, but def worth a try, cus every time i do embrace the moment I get happy and in a good mood. and that´s one reason why I take selfies from different angles, cus it´s fun. and it makes me feel like a child again (and who doesn´t like that feeling?).

Sometimes I find it hard to come up with new ideas for selfies/pictures of my outfits and I haven´t really found a new way to find new ideas (unless the pics are spontaneous and the angle just feels very right to me at that moment, whether I´ve used that angle before or not) but hopefully i will find new and fun angles. and most important of all, embracing the fun and happy moments <3 <3 <3

Here are some of my selfies. Hope you will enjoy them=)

IMG_4367IMG_6141IMG_6064IMG_5381IMG_1643IMG_5217IMG_4470IMG_2438IMG_5439 IMG_8304 IMG_8536

Thank you so much for reading my blog =)

mille grazie!

lots of love,