coffee and cool jewelry in Copenhagen

I love Copenhagen. It´s one of my favorite cities big time. It has everything (well not everything, the weather is not the best..but u get the picture), but the city has so much to offer, such as really cool cafés, quite odd ones but cool looking. The stores are really cool and they also have many designer store that we don´t have here in Sweden, or if we do, the stores have a lot of more variation of their designs so they a lot more to offer. Especially at the shopping malls! The shoes and the bags that they have there…oh la la. They are sooo my style, I could buy them if anyone feels like buying a bag or two for me, then I wouldn’t say no so to speak;P

The atmosphere in Copenhagen is also sooo nice. They are so relaxed over there, they don´t seem to care that much about whether or not you like fashion or if you have money or not. If you walk into a bar you will probably see people with lots of different kind of style and they accept each other. They accept everyone, and that´s what I love about them.

In the beginning of November me and my sister, we went to Copenhagen on a early Monday morning to attend a breakfast event that was held by 2 bloggers and one jewelry designer. It was a really nice event, except for the fact that I was soo tired so I felt quite worthless there, didn’t have any energy to talk to anyone or bring that sunshine that I usually want to bring, but it was really nice being there and listen to their stories. The café where the event was held was called Atelier September and is quite famous among bloggers. It´s a bit too small for my taste, but cute. I get why the bloggers like this café. And the breakfast was on the house too which was really nice. I never say no to free food=)

The jewelry designer had a very interesting story. She had started her career in Mumbai, India of all places, where she had studied economics for 6 months. 3 weeks before she she was going back home to Sweden she had been to a blacksmith and she had learnt there how was process was like to make jewelry from scratch. She was really happy about the result and she uploaded a picture on a new Instagram account and she got so much positive response from her friends that she realized she had to make more and sell them in Sthlm where she was raised and had an apartment. She made couple of more rings and sold them when had flown home and the rest is history.. Her story is really inspiring I think and how she just put herself out there and went for it. Sooo cool. I love hearing about how people get to where they are now. Whether they are designers, or teachers, or doctors saving kids in Africa, or people who have changed their careers, or if they have gone from total depression to living their dream life etc.

And the thing is that everyone really has their own story. No one else can have your story. For me it has been a story of a lot of emotions, big ego, low self-esteem at times, big self confidence, at times low self confidence, believing I´m the biggest of them all, to the smallest of them all, of feeling uncomfortable in Sweden with the Jante lag and all the unwritten rules of what you should be like and not be like, feeling more comfortable abroad, loving my life (most of the time) abroad, but missing my family extremely much, experiencing the pros and cons of living abroad, moving back home and being surprised of how much I´ve loved it. I´ve felt insecurity at times about my work and whether or not it´s been good enough for the Swedish people  (my style is bit more colorful compared to the regular Swedish style so to speak;P). I´ve had big confidence about my creativity, I´ve felt both big and small when it comes to who I am and about my work. i´ve felt a lot of love for my work and my life, and at the same time felt that I´ve been missing being part of something bigger. Lots of emotions, lots of low and high energy, lots of comparison to people in general. We all know that comparison to other people is a bad thing and you should never compare yourself to other people, because we don´t know the full story of their life, but we still can´t resist to do just that. It´s evil really, that constant comparison. It´s as if the ego just want you to feel about yourself and feeling not good enough. But it is just the ego talking. Anyway, I´m getting off the topic here, but there has been a lot of compares for me, is my art good enough, is my life good enough, is this and that good enough? Lots of questions and lots of emotions about a lot of things. But you know, as I said before, we all have out story and without our story we wouldn’t be who we are and we wouldn’t have done the things that we have done, or have made the decisions that we have made based on out story etc. Our story form us to the person we are today and my story and my bth good and bad experiences have made me to the person I am today.And that´s why it´s so inspiring to hear other people sharing their story and how they grew bigger and stronger from their past and present experiences in life. Ok, this post is starting to be about something completely different than I had in mind=) but once I get into a topic, I can´t stop writing about it.

For me, my shyness (both about talking to people and taking pictures of strangers) has been a ”problem” and not a problem. I´ve been thinking about it a lot from times to times and whether or not it´s a good or a bad thing. But whatever it is, my shyness has kind of created my style. I probably wouldn’t have had the style I have today (when it comes to my way of taking pictures of things and of people) and who says only one style is good enough right? I like it when you can feel a soft and yet cool feeling about it and you can feel kindness and harmony and joy when you look at my pictures (or art in general), and if I say it I think I bring that into my style. Or that´s at least my mission. To make people feel good about themselves when they have my art or wearing the clothes/accessories that I´ve made etc. There are so many different styles in the world and also so much negativity so why not bring more positivity and hope to the world?

I hope you feel kindness, harmony and joy when you look at my pictures. Enjoy my pics and hope you haven’t got bored by this really long essay I just wrote;P


After the event we went out and walked around in the city. It´s a such a beautiful city! Basically everything is cool there, everything from the stores to the terraces..

This terrace is soon nice. I mean, look at the view. It´s on the top terrace at Illum, one of the shopping malls and they have recently made a huge renovation on the top floor and it´s amazing, but the view is even more amazing. I love it when you can see everything from the top floor: elegant buildings and people walking on the streets. It gives a certain feeling about the city. It makes me feel alive and also that I am in a big city. full of life and buzz and excitement. And constant movement. I love that.

I wish you all a beautiful day!

lots of love!