Creativity a la intensity

Last week end (so last friday late afternoon until sunday late afternoon) I took a course in how to make prints. It is two textile artists (one woman who is from Malmö and one woman who is from Stockholm but who has lived here for about 40 years) and they hold courses couple of times per year. I took one of their courses in April last year and I had a really good time at that course, so I just had to take it this time. Not only for the sake of doing artistic things, but also to meet new people, and to be social during a whole week end. Being an artist can get quite lonely form time to time, so I always look for opportunities where I can be social (in a way that I find stimulating and fun), so courses like this one is a really good opportunity to be both social and be creative at the same time. And also to get help and support from experts. These two women (Dyveke Zadig and Margareta Heijkenskjöld Holmgren) are two amazing women, they are so warm and kind and so good at teaching art techniques. They teach us so many different things and they push us in the right direction, especially Dyveke Zadig, she has understood what kind of style I have so she knows how I can develop my style which I did and that was so much fun. It was pretty cool to see how my art developed and what I could do to make it a bit more crazy and fun.

These kind of events are so much fun cus I get to be social from the morning until late afternoon, and everyone is super focused and at the same time a bit lost which I find quite liberating. Everyone has their own style, some are very accurate in their work and others (a.k.a moi) are more loose, more playful in their style. Me, I find it more more stimulating and more fun if my style is not so accurate and less perfect. I always play around with colors and patterns and see how I can improve my style. Not always easy, cus with colors u can never undo something. Once the color is there, it´s..well.. stuck. Then u either have have to paint it over with another color/same color or u have to add something so the ”misstake” will turn out to be something pretty in stead.

I met some really cool people at this course, I met a girl who´s name also is Hanne, which is really unusual for me, cus usually people have names such as Hanna or Maria or Anna, but never Hanne. I know my name is very common in Denmark (it´s a Danish name I think) but I have only met 3 people in my whole life who has the same name as me, whereas two of them are one year younger than me and live in Malmö and one Belgian girl whom I shared my first flat with in Paris. So we had so much fun talking about our experiences with our name. It made us both smile knowing that someone else had the same name, and it also made us a bit confused, cus I´m used to being the only one with my name, so when someone calls my name I automatically turn around expecting to see someone wanting to talk with me about something, but in this case there were so many times (!) that I turned around when I heard my name and I realized that it wasn´t me who they talked to, but the other Hanne.. and vice versa of course. We both laughed at this.

I met a woman who is from Landskrona (a city close to Fortuna, our summer house where my nieces dad is from) and it turned out that she is childhood friend with my nieces´s granddad. So we had a lot to talk about. She was soo nice. Our tables were next to each other so we talked so much and laughed a lot. That was a very unexpected meeting I gotta say.

And then there was another woman that is from Örebro ( a small city about 2 hours west of Sthlm) and it turned out that she knows the dad of one of cousins (my cousin and his brothers parents, so my aunt and her husband, got separated when my cousins were young and their dad moved to Örebro with one of my cousins, and his brother stayed in Malmö with their mum). This woman and their dad used to hang out in the 80s and she said that they don’t hang out anymore, but that they sometimes run into each other in Örebro and do some small talking, and also it ruined out that their daughters were best friends without them knowing about it. Thats so funny I think. I mean, how odd isn that?

I got so much positive energy from this course and I hope I will be able to see some of the people again..


here are some pictures of what I did during this course=)

I´m quite proud of my art, cus I dared this time to be a bit more ”wild and crazy”. All thx to one of my teachers Dyveke =) Thank u for pushing me=).

I quite liked this coat. It´s not mine of course, it belongs to the factory, but it breaths creativity, doesn't it? I felt very creative in this coat hehe.

I really liked this coat. It doesn’t belong to me obviously, it belongs to the factory, but I really like working in it cus I feel very creative-in-the-lab hehe.

It felt good to be at home sunday evening.. It felt so good laying on the couch watching series. Altho, I was still a bit ”sällskapssjuk”, a.k.a longing for company so I actually went to a so called restaurant called Spoonery (it´s more of a take away place that serves soups and stews than a regular restaurant) and I had an early dinner there, and then when I came home I could finally relax.

So relaxing with flowers I think. I´m so happy I bought these pretty roses, and they go with the wall on the other side of the street, kinda funny =)

Wish u all a happy week =)