Felling good and cool in fashion

I´ve always loved fashion and since my passion for it just gets bigger and bigger I´ve decided to write about it and share my passion for it. So I will from now on write on a quite regular basis about fashion in one way or the other. It can be advices/recommendations or stories regarding fashion or just how I feel about certain outfits etc. Hope you will like it=)


Feeling cool in your outfit is important and not only for the looks of it but also for your self-confidence and self esteem. We all know how we feel when we don´t feel good-looking in our outfit and we can feel our confidence decrease. That´s why it´s very important if you have some outfits that you know is a sure thing, something that you can put on no matter how you feel about yourself that day that will make you feel cool or good-looking. I´d say; fake it until you break it. I go by that motto everytime I feel comme si comme ca, and then I make sure I put on an outfit that I know for sure I feel comfortable and cool in.

In this case I was in Stockholm (August 2015) and I knew I had to feel and look cool in my outfit since basically everyone in Stockholm is both good-looking and has cool outfits. So I knew I had to bring my A game this time, which in this case meant this really cool skirt that me and my mum found for me in Helsingör (Elsinore) in Denmark summer of 2014.  My beloved shirt that I had bought on a xmas sales in Malmö almost 3 years ago (that I had checked out for quite some time before it got on the sales) was a a certain thing here. I looooove this shirt. It goes with anything. It´s my sure thing. It goes with simple jeans, with patterned skirts (like in this outfit), with plain skirts….with anything really. I felt very cool in this outfit. I think I changed outfit at least 2 or 3 times before it felt right, and it def felt right wearing this outfit and that made me so happy. Because this is Stockholm, the capital city after all. So I want to feel right when I´m here. And I wore my beloved shoes that I´ve (re)made that I looooove so much, and they go with everything. So in the end I was really happy with the result. Good result in outfits = a very happy Hanne =)