Freedom in the autumn

The autumn has been soon beautiful this year. It feels like it´s not really autumn but more like a warm and humid summer because it has been quite warm for a while now. and sun too for that matter! I love that. All the beautiful colors on the leaves on the trees makes the world def a much brighter place to live in and it´s soon beautiful. soo soo beautiful. I get soo soo happy everytime I walk out and see all pretty trees: it makes me feel so alive. I feel like a little girl again who just wants to dance dance dance. free and wild. isn´t there a better and happier feeling when ur feeling free? I loove that feeling. That feeling is probably the most important feeling to me (except for love of course=)). and thats what I feel when I´m in the nature. and especially when the nature is so beautiful with all the colorful leaves everywhere..

Today was a beautiful day! such beautiful day. I spent the first part of the day at out summer house and when I went for my daily walk with our dog I brought my camera and tried to take as many pictures as possible.

Couple of days ago I also brought my camera, however it had been raining all night but I didn’t mind cus raindrops can make very good pictures! So here you will see photos of both sunshine and rain=)