having fun and letting go

Today I went to one of my favorite cafés to do some work, but neither of it did anything for me. It didn’t give me any energy at all, and then I get insecure and my self confidence drops (damnit) and I usually have to go someplace else that can give me the positive energy that I´m sometimes in desperate need of but sometimes I don´t really know what I need and what will give me the energy that I need (sometimes friends are busy or have other plans or it´s too cold to go outside or I don´t feel like walking around the same city that I´ve seen a thousand times in order to take pictures of cafés and the nature), sometimes it does work just by going someplace else, but this time I remembered something that I used to do back in Barcelona that I loved doing after my Spanish classes. Back in Bcn I used to play with my camera all the time, like taking pictures of my self & my coffee or me & my shoes etc and I used to blog about it and I remember loving it.

But then I stopped doing that a couple of years ago, I think I thought as I became older and more ”adult” that I couldn’t or shouldn’t do any of those ”childish” things anymore (like making silly faces and taking pictures of my different faces) because adults don´t do that. But then couple of days ago that memory of taking those kind of ”silly” pictures came back to me and I had missed doing that so much. We think that being adult = not doing silly things and not having fun, but we couldn’t be more wrong. I mean, who says doing those silly things are wrong? If it makes u smile and it makes u happy then u should do more of those things. So thats what I did today at the café, I felt a bit silly taking pictures of myself at the café, but then I thought, äsch, who cares what the others think, so I started taking silly pics of me and my coffee and it made me happy. And now I sit at my sisters new office and I did the same thing here, I took pictures of myself and it was so much fun.

So my advice is to myself and to those who want to take silly pictures of themselves but maybe          don´t have the courage to do it, just do it. If it makes u happy and it makes u smile, do more of that. Cus at the end of the day, the only thing that matters (at least to me) is how much fun I´ve had and how I´ve felt about myself.

So here are my pics of moi et mon chère café..hope u will like them=)

Hope it could bring some positivity to ur world, it certainty brought positive energy to my world =)