how can I love fashion so much?

I love fashion. Maybe that doesn´t come as a surprise, but I really love fashion. There´s something about fashion that excites every cell in my body, something that I can´t really put my finger on. Maybe it is because fashion changes all the time? Because trends change all the time, and you never know what will be the next trend? I don´t know what it is exactly about fashion that I love so much, I just know that fashion is so exciting. I´ve always loved mixing and matching (no surprise there since I´ve written that sentence so many times before) and I find it so much fun to see what colors that I can mix and match, and what colors I can mix and I LOVE THAT. Fashion is constantly changing and there´s something and exciting about that I think. I guess I love that my style always changes (hopefully for the better…?) and that I always find something new to love ( a new color or a new pattern or a new way to to mix and match). I´ve always loved doing this, ever since I was a little girl I´ve loved it, and I´m lucky to have a mum who has a great sense of style who knows and understands what will look good on me (even when I can´t see it myself). She always make/help me develop my style and I´m so grateful for that.

I´m trying to explain in words what it is about fashion that I love so much, but <i can´t seem to find the right words. I think it´s because I love the feeling of looking special and cool in a new outfit. The moment I find a new way to mix and match a blouse or a color or a new pattern and I feel really good looking in an outfit is just amazing. The feeling is indescribable. I get so much energy from this,a nd I guess that´s why I love it so much. There´s always something new to find and look for in fashion and that is something very exciting. Sometimes I love changes and sometimes the changes scare the h*ll out of me, but this is an area in which I love changes, and it´s all up to me how I want to do/change it. It´s fun and very creative, and as I just wrote, it gives me so much energy. Hmmmm…maybe I was able to explain why I love fashion so much…well maybe not in those exact words that I was trying to find, but still..

I went through my pictures from June last summer and onwards and I found some of my favorite outfits that make me smile so much. I just want to go back asap and live in those moments when I look at them. That´s what I love about pictures and summer, it makes you want to back and relive those moments (that can also create nostalgia in a sad way, but I´m trying to get less nostalgic and more happy when I look back at those moments).

Anyway, I can´t wait for the summer to arrive so I can wear some of my favorite outfits again, especially when it´s such nice weather nowadays!

So here are some of my favorite outfits from when it was summer. Enjoy=)

So far I´ve had the same outfit=)) but it was during the same day so…but I like those pictures so much so I just had to put them on the blog. I love this skirt and this top so much that I´m wearing in the pictures, they make me feel so beautiful! The skirt, I bought it in Palermo, Sicily summer of 2016, and the top was a birthday gift from that same year. These pictures are taken in Milan when me and my sister went to Milan for a couple of days of vacation/work in the end of June last year, and the whole trip was just incredible. I wish I could go there more often (that is going on my list of goals). Milan is such a cool and inspirational city!

This skirt….omg. I think it´s sooo cool. It´s so different and yet so cool. not the easiest skirt to wear (not physically but more mentally since it all depends on when and where you wear it so to speak), but once I wear it i absolutely love this skirt.

I fit right in in Milan with that skirt. I felt like a true Italian girl in that outfit, and that wasn´t only me who felt that, I heard it from so many other people in my surroundings too which of course made me smile. I really felt that everything about the outfit was Italian, I even moved my body like the Italians do, u know a bit sensual and confident? That was me during that evening (or the whole trip)…. I felt amazing during that whole trip in my outfits. I just fit right in in the way Italians women dress. And it all felt so natural u know, it was no big deal that I wore that skirt. I got no strange looks from people, I just felt so beautiful and such ease with myself. Such an amazing feeling. 

This is another skirt that I truly love (I got it on sales from a really cool store in Råå, outside of Helsingborg, Studio Stilista on Instagram, check her out!) and I fell in love with that skirt the second I saw it. The only thing that is a bit tricky with the skirt is that the fabric doesn’t really breath so it is a bit difficult to wear it when it´s warm (warm like 30 C). But I felt like I didn’t really have any choice to wear it because it´s such a cool skirt. And the same thing with the top, I got it actually from the same sales. I love that top so much.

This blouse I also got from Studio Stilista (seriously, you guys have to check her out, she´s awesome), also on sales, and I looooove this blouse so much. I´ve received so many compliments about that blouse, I get compliments every time i wear it. I´m not saying that to brag, it´s just facts. And the good thing with this blouse is that I can wear it to anything really, such as skirts, to pants, to any color really. And it makes me soo happy just looking at it. I think it makes other people happy too, because people tend to smile a lot when they see me in it. So if I make myself happy AND other people happy when wearing this blouse, then it´s a win win situation really=).

This jacket i got at Zara last summer and it´s a jacket that has become my favorite summer jacket. It really goes with anything, i can wear it to skirts, dresses, pants…anythign really. Ok, the jacket is obviously too cold to wear during winter, but during summer time it´s perfect! AND it makes me so happy just by looking at it.

This blouse now one of my favorite blouses, it´s just so cute. I actually got it at H&M at the airport of Copenhagen when I was on my way to visit my good friend S who had moved to Dublin last August. I was just walking around doing some window shopping when saw this blouse and I fell in love with it the second I saw it. It´s just so pretty with its´ flowers and its´ruffles. Not long time ago I was not a big a fan of ruffles and flower prints, but I couldn’t resist this blouse, and now I love ruffles and flow prints. So this was obviously the first time I wore this blouse and I felt soooo pretty in it. Ok I was extremely happy to be in Dublin and and to be with my friend, so it wasn’t only the blouse that made me happy that day…but still…

This top I love so much, I´ve had it for almost two years now (I got it in the same store as my long green skirt) and that color…it´s literally impossible to stay in a bad mood when wearing that top…you automatically smile when you wear that top. Altho I do have to be very careful when I´m wearing it because if I get one said on it I´m screwed…so i always put a napkin on top of my skirt whenever I eat something…I feel like a baby when I do this but if it saves me from having a stain on my top then…I´m more than happy to feel like a baby then…but aside form that I love that top.

This photo doesn´t really do any justice to this top I´m wearing…but it´s the only picture I have of myself wearing this top so it will have to do ;P. I really love his top, not only because of its´ bright and shining color but also because of its´ ruffles. i mean, they are just adorable I think. I always get so many compliments when I wear this top, and it´s so soft too. It´s soo comfortable. The top is from Karen Miller.


Lots of love!