In heaven (for many reasons)

Every spring I get this huge urge to just buy a whole new closet filled with rediciously cool clothes, so basically throw out almost all of my clothes and buy new ones hehe (preferably like the ones I see on Pinterest hehe) and this spring was no exception=) So I´ve wanted to get new clothes for a while now but I can´t really do any shopping except if it´s smaller things so to speak, so when I found out that there was this really nice ”lyxloppis” (luxury vintage market?) in a small community called Råå that is really close to my parents summer house I knew I just had to go there. The person who had the ”lyxloppis” was a woman who owns this store called Studio Stilista and she sells the coolest clothes ever. And I´m not exaggerating becus there is people coming from all over Sweden just to shop at her store. She is so good at combining outfits that it makes u wanna buy everything in the store no matter what it costs (and oucha about the price…) She buys in such cool clothes, u know t-shirts with really cool prints, and blouses and cool jeans and shoes…Everything has a touch of..coolness, there is no better word to describe her style. Because it´s not elegant, it´s not classy all through, but it´s not high school kinda clothes either…it´s a bit sporty with a touch of elegance I would say. Her style is very playful so it´s a style that agrees a lot with my style which is really nice for me hehe.

Anyway, she had a ”lyxloppis” couple of weeks ago in another building (so not in her store) where she sold some really nice clothes .and after trying many many clothes in the same room as all the other women (there was no fitting room so everyone tried on the clothes in front of each other…) I found 4 pieces of really nice clothes the first day for like nothing and the next day (I just had to go back there and see if there was something more that I could buy) I found this super nice trenchcoat from H&M and a really cute skirt with the brand Diega…never heard of the brand before but the skirt itself was really nice, a knee length skirt with a colorful print on. I think I will bring the skirt to Italy when I´m going there over Midsummer. I want to look chic and cool but still a bit chill…

I used my trenchcoat a week two weeks ago (a Saturday evening) for the first time and I had really longed to use it because it is a really elegant but really cool and different looking trenchcoat. I also wore a shirt ( a very colorful one) that I had also bought at the lyxloppis and that is sooo pretty and beautiful. I´m gonna take a picture of it so u can see it, because it´s literally the most beautiful blouse I´ve ever owned. I felt very chic and cool in my trenchcoat, and strong on the inside too. Very content. I met up with my friend and and we spontaneously decided to go this really nice place called Escama that is a tapas bar located on a very beautiful street here in the center of Malmö. Escama is really nice because the ambiance there is really chill. Maybe it´s because it´s tapas and not typical restaurant food that makes the ambiance relaxed. Every time I go there I either talk to someone I know or I talk with someone I don´t know that happens to sit next to me. People is quite chill there which I like. It feels a bit as if I´m in Spain somewhere having tapas with friends (some of the chefs there are Spanish too so that helps too=)).

So me and my friend, we decided to sit at the outdoor seating but before we sat down i saw these two really nice looking older men sitting at one of the tables and I thought to myself, God I want to sit at the table next to them. At first me and my friend we took  a look inside to see if we should sit inside but we thought it would be way nicer to sit outside (in Sweden it gets dark very late which means it´s very bright outside even at 9 pm) and luckily my friend agreed to sit at the table next to the older men (one of them was reeeally good looking but without being too good looking). Me and my friend we had a really nice time, just talking and talking and sometimes we were quiet for a while  and then we continue talking etc etc. After a while the men started talking to us (I can´t remember about what) and at first it was just very polite, like about the weather I think (a very typical subject that is always a safe subject among Swedes to talk about, and quite boring too=)) but then they turned out to be really nice and we ended up talking for like 2 hours or something. The handsome guy was actually really funny, he made me laugh so hard and so many times too. At first he just gave me couple of polite compliments and he sang this famous old Swedish song called De gyllene skorna (the golden shoes) cus I was wearing golden shoes..and I laughed so much. And then as we continued talking he gave me more and more compliments, all I could do was to give a thumbs up and he just laughed at my thumps up (he didn´t do it in a creepy way, he had a really cool personality, a very odd one but in a good way..) so he just kept on giving me compliments. He said it in a very funny way, he was just really cool. I just sat there smiling, I didn’t even have to say anything, the compliments just kept on coming from this really good looking man (I don´t think he was aware of his looks tho), and like I said all I could do was to give my thumps up. I felt really beautiful and cool in my outfit & my trenchcoat so I guess I radiated big self confidence and contentment which is probably why the compliments just kept on coming. And maybe also because we could sit outside for the first time of the year  so we were a bit extra happy and I think that was shown in our happy faces. The only sad thing about sitting outside was that I couldn’t show off my outfit since we sat outside and it was too cold to take my jacket off. Seriously it has to get warmer soon because what´s the point of having a really nice outfit on if u can´t show it off to ur friends (and to the other people sitting nearby)?

Anyway, back to the compliments, I felt like a queen who sat on her throne, I didn’t have to do anything, this man was the entertainment centre which was really nice cus lately the guys that I´ve been into (yes I´m single) have been just very normal and have def not made me laugh as much as this man made me laugh. It really makes u think just how important the humor is between a couple. If u can´t make each other laugh hard, then it´s gonna be a tough ride. Everything this man said or did made me laugh, u know when u laugh with ur belly? He wasn´t jokes-funny, he was more…I don´t know..personality-funny. He was def different, he saw things from a different perspective, one example was when the other guy (his friend) told me about his work ( a very common but boring question among us Swedes) and I pretended to be interested in his work and I thought it wasn’t shown in my face how not-interested I was, but then the good-looking man asked me out of the blue; you are not interested in talking about work are you? He asked that question with a smile and he looked at me like he was really enjoying seeing my reaction (not to him but to the other man) and I just laughed and I said; no I´m not. I loved it that he asked this question because he´s seriously the first person ever that I´ve met at a bar(or somewhere similar)) that has seen through me and asked me that rather bold question. I loved that he was so not-shy and he just blurred out that question. I laughed so hard that I thought; I could sit here all day and night just listening to this man and hearing what he has to say about stuff. Because the way he looked at things was so…relaxing. He was so chill. Another example of that was that I had asked them how they met and the other man said that he had lived in Malmö for 5 years now and that he goes to the sea everyday at 6.15 am to take a short swim in the sea. Everyday he does that. Whether it´s winter or summer, 6.15 am he is there. That´s impressing. And he said that his friend comes there much later and that´s how they met. And the good-looking man said that he looooves sleeping in and staying in bed until late in the morning. I laughed when I heard that cus I found that so refreshing. So many people don’t admit that they love sleeping in and here he comes not only admitting it but he seemed to love it too. I think that´s amazing.

We talked (ok he did most of the talking) and we laughed so much. It seemed like he got me u know. He was so different this man, and especially considering his age (he was 67) he was soo funny. His age was the only thing that bothered me about him tho, cus 67 compared to 32…a bit too much I would say.. I was thinking the whole night, oh man, why are you not 30 years younger, that way you could be 37 and we would be more compatible. We would have so much fun together. Because he seriously had everything (well maybe not everything but a lot) that I was looking for in a man, and he was single too (and had been for 25 years he said…) and I could tell that he was really into me but 35 years difference? I don´t think so…But he seemed so much younger, maybe 55? He had so much good energy and so much life in him, and he looked at things from a very different perspective, and most of all; he made me laugh. He made me laugh so much and so many times too. It was also so nice not having to do anything, he did everything. He did all of the talking and he made me feel very beautiful.

The only thing that was a bit strange was the ending (not his fault tho, but rather my fault)…Me and my friend we had to eventually leave and we had to go inside to pay and I said, I´ll be right back (to say good bye) and when we had paid my friend went straight to her bike (in stead of saying good bye to them) and I just followed her and I didn’t know what to do, whether or not I should go up to them and say thank u for tonite or if I should follow my friend, and I did the latter thing..I could see the disappointment on his face..I think he wanted to say good bye to me and give me a hug or something…cus he had been saying so many times during the evening how happy he was that he had met me and how amazing and how wow I was as a person. He seemed like in awe when he talked to me (and about me), so you can imagine the disappointment on his face when he realized that we wouldn´t get a proper good bye…I was a bit disappointed at myself actually…and there´s no way that we can get in touch either because we only know each others first name…well…I had a redicously good time with him and I haven’t laughed that much in ages I think.. so who ever you are, thank you thank you thank you Pierre for that evening. I had the best time ever. And I hope we will see each other again (altho I doubt that will happen).

Lots of love,