it´s all about spring

I love the spring. ok, who doesn´t, but with all the colors it´s a perfect opportunity for photographers to take pictures of the nature which is something that I do quite often.  the bright sparkling colors put me in such a good mood and just looking at the pictures makes me happy which is something that we all want, right?so spring to me represents happiness. So here are some my pictures that I have taken during springtime, some of them are taken in Barcelona where I lived couple of years ago, some are taken in Malmö.




Pink flowers is something that is just so pretty I think.IMG_4703IMG_4704


These ones are taken in my garden in malmö this spring and inside my garden there are tons of beautiful flowers everywhere, even on the bushes and the trees. I just find them so pretty, don´t u think so?IMG_5208

There is something soft and kind about light pink flowers that I like.IMG_5207IMG_5206