It´s all about the feeling

I love taking pictures of coffee, I think I love every thing about coffee, ok, I´ve never made a cappuccino before so I don´t know anything about the actual process of brewing/making cappuccinos, but aside from that I love everything about cappuccinos. I don´t really know what it is exactly that I love about cappuccinos, maybe it is the foam that I love? Or maybe the cozy feeling it gives me when I drink a cappuccino. But it has to be a good one, it has to be good coffee beans and good milk, and it has to stay warm during a long time, or else I don´t like it that much. There is something about cappuccinos that make me feel calm inside (if it´s a good cappuccino) and something exciting too. There´s something cozy about hot and really good coffee, and it also gives me this feeling that I´m able to handle anything, I feel strong and like an adult who can handle everything that comes her way (which not always is the case unfortunately, but who´s perfect anyway?)

When I go to cafés I always look for the ambiance, what kind of style they have interior wise and how the staff is towards their costumers. It´s really important to me that the staff is really nice and that they really talk to their costumers and in a personal way too. If they don´t talk that much to their costumers then I lose interest in the place. Maybe not if it´s a coffee chain, because those kind of cafés are not made to be a place where people are personal with each other, but if it´s a small café then it´s all about costumer service according to me. That the staff really see their costumers, and make them feel seen, heard and welcome. That´s what matters the most to me at least. That you really feel welcome at a place. That they want you to stay for a long time. Because I´ve been to cafées that have been really nice but where the staff don´t really seem that interested in talking to you, they don’t really see you, except as an costumer, and then I get insecure whether or not they want you there (except as a costumer of course). They forget about the feeling that they are supposed to give you, a feeling of being/feeling seen, heard and welcome. A café is supposed to feel like home. A home away from home. A place where you love talking to either the other costumers there or the staff working there. A place where you really feel like home. A place where you can relax, truly relax and just stay there for as long as you want to.

Don´t you just love it when you find a café (or cafés) where you just love everything about the place? You know where you really like the interior design,the location, the coffee, the pastries, the food…well everything really and the staff is just the nicest people ever? And because of all this you want to come back to this place because (another because ) the staff creates this amazing feeling that makes you want to come back (I know I wrote come back two times but it was necessary here haha). A place where the staff really loves to talk to their costumers and loves having them at their café. A place that really feels like home to you. A place where you just want to keep on coming to because you feel really good when you are there.

Sometimes you spend a lot of time looking for THE café, and you go from café to café and you spend a lot of time maybe sitting at one café and you convince yourself that that café in particular is where you feel like home. But in realty it´s not the right café for you, deep down you feel as if something is missing, but you can´t really point the finger at what´s wrong so you just keep on coming there (not that there must be something wrong with the café, maybe it´s just that this place is not where you feel like home). And so you go from café to café without really finding THAT feeling, not that you know exactly what you are looking for, but you know that there must be a place where you will feel like home, and then…then all of a sudden you just find it. It´s there right in front of you. And you can just feel it, you don´t know what it is about this place, but there is something about the place that you love. It could be the feeling of the place. It could be the ambiance or the way the staff makes you feel welcome. For some reason you feel drawn to this place and all you want to do is coming there over and over again. And you never want to leave. And you feel as if you have come home. Finally. And then you can breathe. And relax. Because you have come home. Aaaaagh. (good sigh).

Since I absolutely love taking pictures of my coffee and myself holding my take away (me freak? naaaah ) and I´m ”slightly” obsessed with it (read: slightly as in BIG TIME) and people may think I´m either very shallow or just very freak-ish I can tell you all; I´m both ok,why just being one of them when you can be both hehe. And why not combine the two ”hobbies” and make something fun with it..anyway, since I love doing this I really do love making something fun out of it and I want to show people that it´s not so dangerous to not take urself so serious, we do that most of the time anyway (like 95 % of the time in fear of what others will say or think or feel about what you say and/or do etc) so why not just having some fun with it when you are creative?

so here are some of my creative pics hehe

These two pics are form this rather new café called Kärleksgatan (translation the love street), such a cute name by the way! The café is situated at a street with the name Kärleksgatan so unfortunately the café didn’t come up with the name themselves..but it´s still a cute name tho=) anyway, I visited the café for the first time about a month ago and I had thought about visiting it for a while so I was really happy when I was there and I really liked the café, thereof the smile on my face=) This is from last week when I had a day off from school and it was a clear blue sky and I decided very spontaneously to go this café on my square and I sat on the outdoor seating waiting for my sister to come and make me company and it was just an amazing moment. Clear blue sky, cappuccino, sitting outside…I don´t need much more.. Me enjoying some alone time at one of the oldest cafés in Helsingborg. They have really good coffee and pastries (!) at Fahlmans Konditori. It´s funny, because sometimes I can have had a lot of alone time and really enjoy it, and then at other times I don´t enjoy it that´s funny..but this time I really enjoyed it…

Helsingborg is btw a really cute and nice town, it´s been my second home away from home kinda town because our summer house is only a 12 minute drive from Hbg so I´ve spent every summer there since I was five. It´s a quite small city (or town?) but for being so small they have really good quality when it comes to shopping, cafés, bars and restaurants and they are quite famous for their good quality on everything. It´s a very elegant town too, at least the center and north of the center. Very elegant and nice looking buildings. So I could def recommend going there if you haven’t been there before.