it´s all about the scarfs


(pic is from last autumn, thx Kasia for taking the picture!)

Fall (and winter) for me is dressing up in a way that is not possible in the summer (at least not here in Sweden). You can dress up with a cute coat and pull it off with high heels or cool sneakers (alltho it does depend on what kind of weather it is, if it rains or snows, then its tougher) or with a  scarfs like I usually do. I love dressing up when it´s fall (and winter too) because it gives me more options, like what kind of coat I should wear  and what kind of pants or skirt or dress I can wear underneath the coat. And the shoes! omg. You have so many options (yet again, it depends on the weather), so much to choose from. So many colors to choose from. And then comes another question, wear gloves and hat or not? Especially the part with the hat (mössa). Use it or not? It can look really cool with a (cool) hat and it is warm (!), but the thing is when u take it off…then ur hair is usually messed up and just flat (why always flat when my hair is all curly and wavey?´s so typical..) I guess you have to choose how important it is to look good in ur hair or if u should go for the warmer alternative…they should really make a hat that doesn’t mess up your hair…then I would def buy like a thousand of that sort. That hat would become a huge success among us women…=)

So what I usually do is when I choose not to have a hat (if the weather is warm enough) I sometimes choose to wear a scarfs on my hair and that way I can look cool (or at least I hope i look cool =)) and it makes my hair look cooler (let´s say I´m having a bad day) and also fresher and cleaner. That´s something I almost always do when I´m having a bad hair day.

What´s great about this coat i´m wearing in the picture is that you wear colorful clothes and they can still be seen (which is something I love) and you can wear lots of different clothes without looking like a clown hehe. This coat is from H&M (..) from the winter collection of 2014. It was my mum who found it for me and suggested I would try it on, which I did because she´s always right about these kinds of things (who does she do it???) and it fits me perfect. Altho it can´t be too cold outside or the coat will be slightly too colt to wear, but hey the coat is beautiful and a bit different and it makes me feel cool and special so why not…

I really love those pieces of clothes that makes you feel really cool and special and beautiful. That´s what I always look for in clothes when I go shopping. If I don´t automatically love the piece of clothing then I don´t buy it. But this one I really love. So thx mum!