it´s all about torrshampo and being happy

It´s all about torrshampo (dry shampoo). A while ago (about 1 1/2 years ago ) I complained to my sister about my hair, that those days when I don´t wash my hair (I try to wash it every other day so my hair won´t get so worn out (slitet) I don´t really know what to do with my hair, cus it´s too short for me to have scarfs on my hair, and wearing my hair in a pony tail is just not my thing ( at least according to me, I know my family and friends think I look good in pony tails, but I think I just look very weird) so I asked her what she does with her hair when she has a bad hair day and her advice was to use dry shampoo. I had actually never even heard of dry shampoo before. Or I had heard of it, but I didn’t know what it was exactly, so she took her dry shampoo and gave it to me to use (we were on a trip together so we spent some time at our hotel room) and showed me how to use the dry shampoo (not that it´s like rocket science or something=)) but still..u can´t exactly use it on all of ur hair or ur hair will look like zombie hair haha, and when I had used the dry shampoo I looked at my hair and it looked absolutely amazing. It really looked amazing. It looked like my hair was actually washed and blow-dried. I mean whaaat? It was wow. Really wow. I seriously loved it. I couldn’t believe how great my hair looked that evening. I looked like a model.

So I started using dry shampoo on those days when I hadn´t washed my hair, and it was such a relief, cus washing ur hair everyday and blow-dry it e v e r y d a y …Takes such long time to go through that procedure..and there are so many other things I could be doing during that time, so using dry shampoo def cut down the time in half. Such a relief!

So I used the dry shampoo every other day and for a while my hair looked amazing almost everyday. And I was so happy, cus I didn´t have to worry about what my hair would look like on those days when I didn´t wash my hair, I felt really good looking almost everyday and that was a really nice feeling. Buuut, just like everything that is good and happy, those things have to come to an end, which meant this happened to the dry shampoo too unfortunately…The good days of having a good hair day were gone. It was as if all of a sudden my hair started getting more grey and more worn out..=( and I unfortunately came over an article online where it said that what dry shampoo could do ur hair if u used to a lot….and the news were NOT good news. I will not give u any details but…oucha. The news were not good at all. That scared me so much. So I of course stopped using dry the nice days when I had good hair days everyday were bye bye. Gone. Bye to those happy days when ur hair looked amazing everyday (well more or less). It was literally bye bye. From one day to another. And if ur a girl/woman u know what it does to ur self confidence if ur hair looks like a disaster..the self confidence is not good I can tell u. It´s as if ur self confidence goes from high ceiling and it dives down to the floor. Even tho my self confidence about my hair is a lot higher nowadays compared to a year ago it´s still not a nice feeling when ur hair just doesn´t agree with u. On those days I so wish I were a guy. I mean how simple wouldn’t it be to just put on some gel in ur hair and ur good to go? No blow-drying, no making sure that ur curls look perfect or that ur hair falls in that perfect way. Men are so lucky. So so lucky. On the other hand, we girls/women can really transform ourselves if we want to, and we can go from looking like a pale and boring ghost to looking like a movie star with the right/new make-up and the right hair products. So I guess that makes up for all of the trying endlessly many different kinds of hair products and different shampoos and having bad hair days. Because when u have a an hair-do that looks absolutely amazing on u and u feel like a moviestar…that´s worth it all…

So getting back to the dry shampoo..couple of days ago I was at my sister´s place and I was again complaining about my hair (I hadn’t washed it that day and it didn´t look good at all…) and she said” well, use dry shampoo” and it was as if I had forgot all about the magic of dry shampoo. Well, I do have two bottles of dry shampoo standing on a shelf in my bathroom looking at me every day as if the bottles are asking me to ” use us for crying out loud!” So that´s what I did that day and this morning before I went to my favorite café ( where I have a coffee card so I go there a loooot hehe) that´s really close to my place and even tho I was in my jogging clothes and hadn’t been out running or putting on all of my make-up I felt very happy and cute in my hair-do. And it was a sunny morning. And one of the baristas ( a girl who I talk to quite a lot since I´m a regular there) gave a huge compliment that just made me smile and sooo happy. That compliment really put me in a great mood and it gave me self confidence too, so I sat down and did the same thing that I did two weeks ago, I took pics of myself with my phone, just because I was so happy. That put me also in a great mood cus it was so much fun. It´s really the simple things in life that (sometimes) make u happy..

Anyway, here are my pics from this morning. I wear very little make-up and my hair is a bit non-brushed and I´m quite tired, but that´s on me=)

Wish u all a week!

lots of love,