Hello autumn!

Last Sunday me and a friend of mine went to a ”gårdsbutik”, a so called farm store. A store that is located out on the countryside, and these places usually have a café too, and they also sell, at least this store did, sell lots of different kinds of apples (really good ones!), apple juice and everything that has to do with apples (this ”gårdsbutik” is part of something called Kiviks Musteri that is a big company originally located on the east coast of Skåne, even called Österlen, and they have big apple harvests.) We had lunch there at the café and then we of course had to buy things in the store. Anyway, this Kiviks Musteri is a big company and they own couple of ”farm stores” located in  in different areas in Skåne and Solnäs Gård is one of them.

Me and my friend, we have lately talked a lot about autumn, or rather the lack of autumn. Because September was such a beautiful month with lots and lots of sun (which was so nice), it was incredible really, and now October is here and you can really feel that the autumn is here. It´s a bit colder, it´s raining more.. but the difference is, at least for me, is that I feel calmer about this weather change. Before I was a bit anxious about the sudden colder weather and the darkness coming earlier and earlier, but now…it feels a lot better, and something I really can´t wait to see is all the different  colors on the leaves. Red, yellow, dark green…it´s so beautiful and those colors, they awake something in me…don´t know what it is, but something energetic it is. Something powerful and at the same time cozy. That´s what I love about autumn. All the positive energy, the eagerness to start new projects.. The crispy air, everyone wanting to be social and go to the movies etc. So many things that I love about autumn.

Here are some (ok, 2) pictures of some of the many many apples that we saw at the farm store. There were actually many many different kinds of apples, with their own name (both Swedish names and English names). Who knew that there could be so many different kinds of apples..not me, thats for sure=) I love learning new things and this was def one of those new things that I love learning more about.



Oh and after being at the farm store, we went back to Malmö and we went to this really nice neighborhood/alley called Rörsjöstaden, which is basically one big alley with big big trees surrounding the street. Its so beautiful!

img_1029 img_1031 img_1033 img_1036img_1038
After driving my friend home, I went to Davidhallstorg which is a beautiful square just by my place. It´s very pretty with many trees and bushes surrounding the square, and i´ve wanted for a long time to take pictures of the square but it has just never happened, but I thought, well now is the perfect opportunity. It was a rainy afternoon, but sometimes the pictures can be even better with raindrops…

img_1047 img_1050 img_1053 img_1057 img_1066 img_1072 img_1076 img_1080

img_1083 img_1106 img_1121

Sometimes I love taking pictures when it rains, because the contrast gets so much bigger in the pictures. I know many people don´t like it when it rains, but for us photographers and artists it can sometimes help us get even more creative..

But hopefully we will have more sun this fall=)

lots of love,