Like a colorful djungel

Like I told you guys in my last post I went to a lyxloppis couple of weeks ago and that I had bought this really nice blouse there, I wore that blouse couple of days ago and I just love that blouse. It has so many different colors that it could spark up (?) any dull outfit. You could wear the blouse to jeans, shorts, skirts…anything really (well maybe not anything but u get the picture) and I wore that blouse to a pair of white jeans which turned out to be a really cool combo. Me and my friend S we went to this garden party that they had in Slottsparken ( a huge park with small lakes and a big castle in) where there were many many flowers everywhere, and there were many many people walking around looking at all the flowers and taking a coffee etc. Everyone looked very relaxed and happy when they were walking around there so the ambiance was very chill and happy. I love those public events where it´s easy to get together and be social. Me and my friend we went around like a circle and took a quick look at everything, and then we went quickly to this really nice café that is located just 1 minute from the garden party and we sat outside and had a coffee. We were both a bit tired and our blood sugar was a bit low so went very quickly ago the café and got our beloved coffee. That coffee was exactly what we needed, no more words necessary =) I love sitting outside in the sun (ok, who doesn´t, but the feeling is just so nice) and just talk about anything. And when I sat there it hit me that I blended very well in among all the green and the flowers with my colorful blouse. I felt a bit like I looked like a jungle =) a very colorful one…but in a  good way thank god.

I had really longed for that cappuccino, I think that´s quite obvious hehe.

I love this season when it´s so green everywhere. Just soo pretty.

I had been up quite early that day and I hadn’t have any chance to wash my hair but I felt really cool in my blouse so it evens out=).

We had also been a bit tired so that coffee really perked us up big time.

This shirt is def gonna be one of my favorite pieces, it looks like that kind of blouse that u can have for many and many years, a blouse that goes out of style and then goes back to style again.

That blouse will def be a hit this summer. That´s for sure.

Wish you all a beautiful day!