my love for fashion

Ive always loved fashion, actually ever since I was little have I absolutely loved fashion. Have always loved mixing patterns with different colors. it has never scared me to be a bit different when it comes to fashion. to me, the most important thing (besides looking good in the clothes) is how the  outfit makes me feel. It is as Coco Chanel once said, ”Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”. You can wear really good looking clothes, but if they don’t make you feel beautiful or if you don’t feel beautiful on the inside, it won´t matter what you´re wearing. So everyday when I choose what to wear, I always make sure that the outfit makes me feel relaxed and at ease. Because if the outfit makes you feel good about yourself, then the whole world will see that.

Something I loove about fashion is the endless opportunities what you can wear. nowadays you can mix patterns and colors as you see fit which is what love about fashion. There are so many colors to choose between and so many patterns and so many different kinds of fabrics and styles and shapes (at least for women, it is a bit harder for men=)).


Here are some of my outfits this year and last year=)






IMG_5480more photos will soon be on the blog=)

lots of love/ Hanne