mysterious flowers

There is something about flowers that is so…mysterious. Maybe it´s the way no flower look like the other flower. Or maybe it´s the way the way they move with the wind. Maybe it´s the way they all have different colors. Even if they have the same color, they still don´t look the same. Maybe that´s what I love about flowers. They all stand out from the crowd. They are beautiful, magnificent, but at the same time fragile. Very fragile. Very soft. Almost all of them break as soon as you touch them. That´s also one thing that I love about them. Their fragility. I guess that´s the beauty of flowers. Sometimes they can be so fragile, but the next moment, they can be super strong and during all these times they are so beautiful. Because they know their strengths even when they break. And that´s the beauty of flowers. Because they are jut so beautiful. All the time. No matter what.


This one is taken in a big and very beautiful garden is is situated just outside of Båstad (a small town in northwest of Skåne) where I was assisting a wedding photographer. It was an extremely beautiful day and the garden was so beautiful and green. And a very nice couple too I must add=)


This one is taken at our summer house on a hot day in July/August last year. I really like putting contrast between different details so in this case it was my , at that time, newly made nails that had to be one of the details in the picture=)


I took this one on a sunday last spring outside of our house in Malmoe. The thing is that I have always loved lilacs. There is something about lilacs that i find hard to describe..I think it´s because my beloved grand mother used to love these and they always arrive when it´s springtime and our school was about to finish for summer and she always came to out graduations (to me and my sisters). So lilacs are a great symbol for my childhood. And plus their scent is sooo nice.


I love it when I can combine fashion with nature (especially when it´s spring or summer since the colors are so vivid at that time of the year).


I love taking pictures of nature combined with the sea and this time I was volunteering at this annual tennis competition even that happens in July every year in Båstad. It lasts for 2 weeks and I had to walk for about 10 minutes from the parking and my station and it was beautiful weather in the entire month of July so every time I had finished my shift and was on my way to my car I was walking by these beautiful flowers by the beach and everyday I tried to get a good picture but I never seemed to get the picture that I was looking for until one day. One day I could feel it was the right time and i found this particular flower and once I had taken the picture I just knew it would be a good photo. I was so satisfied with myself. I love those moments.
IMG_4300I took this one on a a rainy afternoon on a walk at our summer house last summer. I love it when it rains because it is a great opportunity to take cool photos since raindrops usually create a great effect on the photos. 

This one is also taken during the tennis event in Båstad last July. There were literally flowers all along the grand tennis court which I thought was a great idea for photos. Flowers always make people happy so why not add them to the photos?


I hope you liked the photos=)

mucho mucho amor/H