Playing with shoes

Couple of years ago when I lived in Barcelona I would bring my camera everywhere I went and take photos of, well practically everything because everything in that city is absolutely beautiful =) And back then I used to take a lot of pictures of me and my shoes (and my outfits) and it was my way of taking pictures of myself. I really loved taking pictures of my shoes, it was like my thing back then. Nowadays I don´t do it as much as I used to do it but whenever I look at those pictures I feel contentment  because I know I was really happy n content with them back in the day (and still am). I think it´s very entertaining to play around with photos of shoes (and well photos of anything really) and I know lots of ppl do that because I´ve seen many many pictures of pictures of ppl´s shoes and they are usually very interesting and fun. I always try to find new angles when I take photos cus it´s more fun that way. What also is interesting is to see how the colors can make a photo fun and interesting and how the colors can make the photo stand out of the crowd. That´s where the playfulness comes in=) Just to see what looks good and what doesn´t look good.=) Looking at these photos makes me want to play around more when I take pictures, whether it´s of nature, of coffee or other beautiful things <3 <3 <3

Hope that you will enjoy my photos=)


These ones I took, as you can see, during the same day. I loved these shoes, really really loved them, but now I can´t find them anywhere=( Have looked everywhere but there are nowhere to be found…sucha shame cus I really loved them. they went with everything, with skirts, with pants, with dresses…and since they were so round in the front they gave a very cute approach. and the same thing with my scarfs that is in the picture, alltho that one unfortunately flew away when I was on a boat between Helsingör (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden) last summer…

I bought that scarfs on a flee market in Paris many years ago when I was visiting my friends who still live in Paris and I remember really falling for it the moment I saw it laying there on the table on the street (where the flee market was being held). So every time I used it it reminded me of that moment. But, it is just a thing, it´s just stuff. The most important thing is the memories you have, of what makes you laugh, the moments with friends, with family etc.