The magic in blessed moments

The summer has so many magic moments that only summer can have. the light, sun clean fresh air, the long nights, the sunrises and the sunsets…trips to islands, to the countryside, unexpected-but-so-much fun moments with friends and family…the list could go on and on. People are more social, it´s easier to be social cus you want to be social for once lol. But what I think about the most when thinking about summer is the light. That amazing and beautiful light that you can only see in summertime. I love that light. So peaceful. So much serenity. and so much magic in the light. especially during the evenings. Long and warm summer nights in Sweden are really something special. And if it´s a hot summer..then there´s nothing better than just spending time by the beach in the evening..just sitting there quiet. Preferably with company =)

I went to the Island of Ven that is a Swedish island that is situated in the sea between Sweden (Landskrona) and Denmark and it´s also very close to our summer house. We have this childhood friend and his girlfriend (and her parents) who lives on Ven during summer time so I went to visit them for a day in the end of the summer this year and it had been 5 years since I was there. And it was so peaceful. So peaceful with all the wheat fields. And what was really nice was that I got to see a part of Ven that I´d never seen before because usually when you go to Ven you and all the other tourists take the same road (the main road) and our friends they live on the other side of the island. and it was soo beautiful with all the pittoresque houses. Didn´t feel like we were in Sweden, cus there was just something different about the way the houses looked like. In a good way=) It was very beautiful with the green everywhere and the view…wow. truly amazing. I was really lucky because it was the hottest day of the summer at Ven (well, maybe unlucky for me in one way because I wore my favorite dress and it´s not suitable for hot weather…a bit too hot ;P). We just sat in their garden all the time, eating and drinking elder flower juice that I haven´t had to drink since like forever (it´s usually something kids drink in summertime) but it´s so good.

I stayed there the whole day and it was wonderful to see something else, something new and also to do that with someone that you usually don´t spend time with just the two of you. I felt so serene all day. I think it had to do with all the wheat fields…and the view.. so pretty with all the flowers and all the cute cafés. It was really a wonderful day. So thank you, thank you, thank you Emma & Baltzar for that amazing day! <3 <3 <3



All the pictures are taken at our summer house this summer except the first one that is taken in Ven=)

wish you all a beautiful week end!

mucho amor,