This magical season we call winter

It´s a new year now and new possibilities are laying ahead of us. I can really feel the positive energy that this year has. I can really feel it in the air. That really good things will happen this year. I have no idea what will happen this year but I have a good feeling about this year…

Unfortunately with a new year the dark months of January and February and March also come and all the good things about fall and xmas have passed by and now we only have the fact that the days become brighter and brighter to stick by (which is sooo nice btw, I love that the days become longer and longer). It is as if you feel that you can finally breath when it´s brighter outside and life slowly comes back.

I think it´s so easy to get dragged down in this dark season and that´s why it´s even more important to go outside while the sun is out. I love walking outside no matter what kind of weather it is outside, as long as I have the right shoes and jacket on I´m good to go.

There´s something special about the light that comes this time of the year. It is as if the light is even stronger and it´s almost (unfortunately) impossible to see anything when ur driving a car, and you can see all the spots and grease that you have in the house a bit more clearer (one more unfortunately), but apart from that I love this light. The light gives so much hopefulness and positivity and everything feels possible. This light is actually exactly what we need now that xmas and new years eve are over.

I love taking pictures when it´s sunny outside (especially when there´s snow, but unfortunately no snow came to Skåne last year so you will have to do with pictures with only blue skies hehe).

But let´s make a list about the good things about this time of the year.

  1. Sunny days are even more amazing during winter time because it feels as if the sun is even more bright during the few hours that the sun is up.
  2. The air…o m g. The air during a sunny day is so crispy and it feels like it can lighten your whole brain and body with just endorphins and everything feels so much easier, and frankly pretty amazing.
  3. When the city is covered with snow..even more o m g. Snow durin winter (and I mean really white snow, not when the snow has turned yellow/dirty) is probably the most amazing thing ever. It´s sooo pretty and magical. Nothing beats snow during winter. Well maybe skiing in the Alps…:P but u get the point. Everything lights up in a city when the city is covered with snow. A city covered with snow looks like a dreamy fairytale in New York City. I´ve never been to NYC in wintertime but I can imagine it being ridicously beautiful there. I feel like a child again who dreams big as soon as I see the snow falling down, and all I feel like is running outside and draw an angel with my body in the snow just like the kids do (I don´t do it, because what would people think of me if i would do that…but it most be a really nice feeling tho=)). All of me gets instantly happy and my whole face its up when I see snow (but it has to be A LOT of snow tho, not just the snow that disappears the second as it hits the ground) because it just sooo beautiful.
  4. You can go skiing, in Sweden or in the Alps (or somewhere else depending on where you live) which is something I could easily do every year.
  5. You can stay in all day if you want to and just bake a cake and make some coffee or tea, especially if it´s raining outside. I´m not an expert at baking myself but I love baking, and especially eating the dough;P and the smell of the cakes creates a certain cosy ambiance.And it puts u in a good mood and everyone else also gets in a good mood. It is as if it´s impossible to stay in a bad mood when someone is baking a cake in the house. I know many people love baking and I´m far from being the first one to love baking, but I like to remind myself of the possibility of baking. Speaking of baking, I think that´s gonna be one of my new years resolutions, to bake more…
  6. You can sit at a café drinking hot chocolate or coffee/tea and just sit there for hours enjoying the fact that there´s nothing else you can do in this weather (at least not if it´s raining and/or it´s storm outside) so u can as well as might just drink a looot of coffee hehe.

There´s something magical when there´s frost on the ground. It almost sparkles and lights up the whole lawn. It´s so beautiful.And the light that comes on some parts of the plants is so beautiful (yet again). It is as if the strong light is there to show us that the light is stronger than the darkness (might sound like a cliché but it just to my mind). I find the contrast so beautiful and it really gives me hope and joy for this coming year.
And a blue sky without any clouds on the horizon…what an amazing feeling those skies give me. I´m always dreaming I´m in Rome or another really beautiful city abroad where there is almost always a blue sky and that I´m sipping on a hot cappuccino or something at a really cute café or something hehe when I see that the sky is blue.This picture is not a picture perfect with a perfect blue sky but it was really sunny that day and I really love the contrasts between the light and the darkness, and especially the light that bounces back in the lake. It´s (yet again) soo beautiful. I know I use that word a lot (the word beautiful) but that word describes things and places so well I think, and the word pretty is just not good enough in my vocabulary so you will just have do with me using that word a lot hehe.The light also reminds me of all the good things that can happen in a year, and I really feel that there is a good vibe about this year. And I also feel that many people are really excited about this year and what exciting things that can happen this year. I´m just so excited!

Lets bring it on 2018, I´m ready for you! (Another cliché, but sometimes those clichés are really good and also so true..)