Excited about wintertime and it´s crispy air

November came and November left. And with November came the winter as a big surprise. One second it was autumn and frankly quite warm and comfortable, and the next second it was cold as h*ll and all of us were in chock. Buuut, in one way I loooove winter because the air gets more crispy and cleaner and you can see frost on the grass, and everything in the nature gets more beautiful. People outside of Sweden think that we Swedes are very unsocial during the winter, but that´s not true. At least not from autumn until xmas, because there are so many social gatherings and so many places you can visit during the winter that put an extra effort into making it extra cozy and fun. Since I´m a huuuuge café lover I love visiting ”gårdsbutiker”, a.k.a farms who have turned into stores and/or cafés, so I visited one ”gårdsbutik” couple of weeks ago (10 minutes away from our summer house) because they were going to play live music there at 2pm, so there I went very happy and excited, and then when I got there (only 10 min late) the music had stopped…=( I thought they would play again, but nope. I was so disappointed. But it´s a very beautiful place and the location and the view is absolutely amazing (the view is over some beautiful hills and the sea and the island of Vhen), and during a beautiful day such as this one you can imagine how beautiful it was there… anyway, I went inside, ordered a cappuccino and a xmas cake, I sat down, ready to write exciting stories about people and suddenly my energy just dropped and I compare-myself-to-others thoughts came sneaking up on me and sitting there by myself all of a sudden did´t seem that fun anymore.. and this comes from a person who loves going to cafés and have gone to cafés by herself many times. It´s like that sometimes. Sometimes I love doing that by myself and at other times I just sit there probably looking a bit lost and I get insecure and then my creativity has gone bye bye (or maybe that´s just what i think people think, maybe they think, oh wow, how cool of her to sit there by herself). Who knows what they think. I decided to get up and go outside at the terrace and take pictures of the view in stead (no people there tho, because it was reeeeaally cold) and man am I glad i did it because I´m quite happy about my pictures of the view =)


Hope you will enjoy them=)!

thumb_img_1825_1024 thumb_img_1827_1024 thumb_img_1831_1024 thumb_img_1838_1024

As you might have noticed I really the cappuccino at this place=) It´s really good!

thumb_img_1844_1024 thumb_img_1846_1024 thumb_img_1850_1024So much people at this place! Actually there´s always a lot of people there…which must mean that it goes very well for the café. Hurray for that!

thumb_img_1855_1024 thumb_img_1856_1024

I just love this view. There´s so much peace and harmony there…

thumb_img_1859_1024 thumb_img_1861_1024 thumb_img_1863_1024
Then I went walking around while discovering new territories. The colors were insanely beautiful. So much contrasts.

thumb_img_1870_1024 thumb_img_1871_1024 thumb_img_1872_1024 thumb_img_1875_1024 thumb_img_1877_1024 thumb_img_1878_1024 thumb_img_1881_1024 thumb_img_1882_1024

This weather tho..I love it so much. So beautiful that it makes me forget about everything and I get so grateful for everything in my life. And hopeful for the future. Because great things happen. When we least expect them =) <3 <3 <3

Wish all of you a great day!

mucho amor/Hanne