le fiori della primavera

i cannot get enough of flowers. it is just impossible to not love flowers. it litts up my world in every possible way. it brights up my mood. it gives me hope. joy. love. so many positive things are associated with flowers. I remember back in Paris couple of years ago when I didn’t have any plants in my studio/appartment since I´m not really good with plants, and I used to buy roses att this big market every other week end or so and for some strange reason this one pink rose refused to give up o my not so green hands. it rose out of nothing in the cold winter and I remember talking about it with my mum on the phone and she was surprised too (since I´m not really known for being good with flowers or plants for that matter) and I remember saying to her; it is because I really really love (pink) roses. cuts Love is the answer to everything. without love, there is nothing. but with love….you could cross waters…and the same thing with flowers. especially roses<3 it makes the world a more beautiful world, even the grey days when well all need some more love. and thats when I look at my flowers and think…aaaaaah, there is hope and joy and love after all.





mucho mucho amor,