Wellness, self love and fashion

Now that it has officially become fall I feel that it can still be a bit tricky to know what to wear because the temperature is still quite ok, there has even been some really warm summer days! I usually wait until October until i wear jeans and hoodies, altho this September has been quite vary so I have worn all kinds of clothes. However I am a big fan of long skirts! And so whenever I can and the temperature is quite ok I put on a long skirt and since its been very fashionable these days to wear a sweater to skirts etc I wear today a quite new sweater, it is white with a green text on its´ front where it says WELLNESS, inner peace is the new success. I love that quote! That is something I really resonate with. Because I am all about wellness and I believe in doing things that make you feel good, for example I love going out for a run in the morning (have done that since I was 22 years old and I fell for it like a rock in the sea) and I have been listening to meditations while running/jogging for a bit over than a year now and that has really helped me to get grounded in myself and focusing on self love which everything is all about. Self love and wellness. And I love doing things that make me feel good about myself because if I feel good about myself and I practice self love on a daily basis I feel so much more appreciation for myself and for the world and I respect myself more and I have more loving thoughts toward myself and towards people in general and then I feel abundance in my life and it becomes like a good circle. Wellness and self love also attracts more wellness and good things that you appreciate and love. So it really becomes a good circle that I can´t live without.

Now this post was about fashion but I do feel that wellness and fashion have a lot in common for me; what I wear reflects how I am as a person and how I feel about myself and also I want to feel comfortable in my outfits. Also I feel more confident in myself if I feel happy and content about what I wear (alltho that also depends on my mood for the day, if I´m having a bad hair day or if I´m just not in a good mood then I am not always happy about the way that I look, and then that effects in return my mood too, and also a side note; if I´m feeling fragile or have low energy that day, then that can also affect the way I look …so it all depends on whether or not my hair is having a good day and my energy for the day =))) but in general I do feel that what I wear reflects my mood for the day and it can make me feel really good about myself and confident and happy! And speaking about wellness, if you feel good about yourself then that shines out of you so to speak and people can see whether or not you feel good about yourself that day. Altho…as I said before, it is not always peace a cake to always feel good about yourself..but I am doing my best to practice self love on a daily basis and its my priority number one! Running, meditation and swimming in the sea (well not really swimming, its more like being in the water for a couple of minutes and then I run up again because now its getting colder and colder..brrr…but its sooo good for your soul and it makes you happy) and if i have the time and chance I do yoga do. Practicing self love has really become something that I absolutely looooove doing!

And going back to the long skirts, I have been a really big fan of long skirts ever since me and a good friend of mine were on vacation in Siciliy, Italy in July 2016, a wonderful vacation (because well who doesn´t love Italy???) where I bought this wonderful green long skirt that have pleats all over it and I just love that skirt! I also bought this really nice yellow top (that you see in the picture above, and that I bought in the same cute little boutique as the green skirt that had only beautiful and pretty clothes and I could have easily bought everything there if I could….) that I usually wear when I wear that skirt. And that skirt is the beginning of my love affair with long skirts =) And since then I think I have like seven or eight long skirts and I love every skirt that I have bought since then, including the skirt that I am wearing today! I bought this skirt quite recently (about a month ago) and I really like it!

Wearing skirts really do make me happy and fashion and mixing different kinds of garments and colors and patterns make me happy! Long skirts is also really good if you want to prolong your summer feeling..which is exactly what I am doing now…I am doing everything I can to prolong summer and that is probably why I am still ”swimming” everyday hehe, I do everything in my power to prolong the summer and swimming is definitely a way to do so and wearing long skirts too for that matter.It is a really nice feeling to wear a long skirt together with a sweater and sneakers when it is late summer/fall. Really nice feeling <3.