Wonderful Österlen

Last week end me and a good friend of mine went on a day trip to the east coast of Skåne; Österlen. Österlen is famous for its´ beauty, both for us ”skåningar” but also among the rest of the Swedes. however, I´ve only been here a couple of times. U could count them on one hand, thats how few times I´ve been to this coast. We went to Kivik, a town famous for its´ apples. That´s where they make ”all” the apple juice. They have their own brand; Kiviks Musteri. And it was beautiful. beautiful isn´t enough to describe the..well the beauty. Well the actual musteri was kinda set up, they have boutiques there where you can buy apple juice and apples (of course) etc and they a ”museum” where you can go inside and see how the process goes with making apple juice. They have a café and they have small apple gardens where you can learn more about what kind of apples they have (the name of the apples and their origin ). It´s beautiful but ”fake”. It´s still pretty tho. And the apples are absolutely amazing. They´re truly delicious. However, we were starving when we got there (around 1pm) and the restaurant and the café did´t have what we were in the mood for (either heavy food or simple sandwiches) but luckily we had seen a ”gårdsbutik” closeby , a.k.a a mansion where they had a store where they sold textiles and other farm is stuff and they also had a café=) and that café was so cute.

It was exactly what we were looking for at that time. Rustic, simple, but delicious food and good coffee! I took a chicken pie and a cappuccino and my friend took a roast beef sallad. and my chicken pie….was delicious. I thought when I heard it was a chicken sallad that the chicken would be dry, but this chicken was sooo soft and juicy. And there was a lot of chicken there too. I was soo full by the end of the meal I could barely move. after the eating and the coffee drinking we went out by the apple harvest and took pictures of us among all the apples=) It was soo beautiful there! and so much harmony everywhere you went. and the air, it smelled of apples. everywhere. and I mean everywhere. It was amazing!

After being there, we went to the musteri and the boutiques and we bought like a zillion things there=) and went walking around the apples and saw everything they had to offer. and after that we reluctantly said good bye to Kivik and went to the car and went 25 minutes south to Simrishamn. Simrishamn was..different. ok, partly our fault, because we got there too late. Too late for being Simrishamn on a saturday afternoon anyway. It was veery calm there. But luckily we found this street where they had out door seatings and there were people everywhere, drinking and eating and laughing. Apparently we had found THE street in Simrishamn (I´m just guessing tho=)). And since we were tired and out of energy we went to one of the cafés and sat there for what felt like hours (it was only one hour I think=)) just talking and laughing. and then we left that place and we went up the street where we found this really cute little backyard where they had the cutest little blue car (like an Italian car) and all the houses were really colorful. Everything was so cute. We took like a million pictures hehe.

And then, we were off and went back to the car and Sarah put on some good music that fed me with energy and we went back the other side of Skåne..

The way on the way to Österlen was soo beautiful btw. We went through so much forest, and pretty trees and so many stunning fields. I´m so used to the west coast that I know it by heart. But this side of Skåne…have never seen this before and that was exactly what I needed. See something new. That was what i told my friend when we talked about where to go. ”I want and need to see something new”. And she agreed.

It takes about 1h30 /40 minutes going from Malmö to Kivik.  But considering the beauty that we saw (and good and hrmmmm original music that we listened to during our trip to Österlen) it was def worth the trip! I could go there anytime.

So that a promise to myself this fall. To go to more new places, whether its in Skåne or in Denmark or somewhere else. Just to feel alive. and have a good time with friends and family. <3 <3 <3

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