All that wonderful blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors (prob the case for many ppl around the world) and has been for a very long time. There´s something peaceful and calm about that blue color that never ceases to amaze me. Blue is a very fascinating color I think, because it goes with anything and everyone. I doubt there is a person in this world that doesn´t like blue or fits in the color blue. and the way it calms your mind…it has probably to do with the sea and that just the sight of the sea soothes your mind no matter what kind of weather it is. I remember saying this to an ex friend of mine many years ago and she said this was because we can recognize the feeling of the waves as the same waves that we experience when we´re in our mum´s belly, and that´s why we find it comforting. She´s probably right (she´s very intelligent that girl so I believed her when she told me that).

Whenever I want to feel peace in my thoughts I go to the sea (or the nature) and it always calms my mind. and just looking at the sea puts me in a better mood. So when I take pictures I like to have blue in the photos (if possible of course..). Either if it´s the sky or the sea.

Here are some of my blue photos. Hope you will like them=)


IMG_4708IMG_5412IMG_5434IMG_5037IMG_6448IMG_6442IMG_6910All photos except the one with the big white flower in it are taken at our summer house, and then one with the big white flower is taken in Stockholm this summer.

Wish you all a beautiful day!

lots of love,