all about feeling stylish and cool

This year I´ve felt quite stylish I have to say. Or good looking in my outfits is more appropriate I would say. My style is not always stylish or elegant, but I think I´m between something that is cool & boyish and cool & feminine. I have this white buttoned shirt that I absolutely loooove that I can wear with practically anything, both skirts and pants, and then I have a skirt that is new-ish (got it couple of months ago) and I just love that skirt cus it´s a quite different skirt with a thing that you tie in the front and then it´s longer on the other side, so it´s a really cool skirt. I use that skirt so much. I feel extremely feminine in it which is something I love feeling. It makes me feel powerful. Last xmas I got these pair of pants, dark grey ones, that i really like. I feel very cool in them, so whenever I want to look a bit boyish or a bit ”cool” or if I want to dress down I wear them. Works every time..

I found this really cute blouse with flower prints on a while ago and I haven´t really worn it but then about two weeks ago I was tired of my closet and I wanted to wear something different so I decided to wear that blouse (I was hesitating at first) and I realized that; omg, I look amazing in it. I had no idea. Before I had thought that the colors were too modest for me (usually bright colors suit me best) but this print actually looked really good on me…and that made me so happy. I´ve worn that blouse couple of times since then and I feel so stylish every time I wear it.

Something that I love wearing (and buying) are sweaters with funny and quirky quotes on. I bought one sweater (H&M) a year ago where it says ”Don´t touch this”, it makes me laugh every single time I wear it. That sweater makes me also confident immediately, and another sweater that makes me feel confident just by wearing it is a new sweater that I recently bough (actually also from H&M) where it says ”Confident” on one of the sleeves and that is just amazing. When I saw it hanging in the store I just laughed and I immediately knew that I just had to buy it. It was screaming my name. Well not literally of course, the sweater doesn´t have a mouth or a personality, but u know when u see a piece of clothing in a store and u just know it will look good on u and therefore u just have to buy it? It was one of those moments. Ok, the sweater did´t really cost anything, it was really cheap (it was from H&M so..) but still…it made me smile just by looking at it.

Couple of weeks ago I bought these really cool shoes (actually also from H&M) that I had been looking at for a while which I bought because I had been feeling a bit lost that day so i thought I deserved those shoes. Those who say that shopping when ur sad/lost is bad for u must clearly be a man (or a woman who doesn´t like shopping) cus a woman who loves shopping would never ever say anything like that. Sometimes it def helps u to do some shopping when ur sad/feeling lost. It doesn´t always help of course, and I´m not saying that u should go shopping every time ur sad or frustrated or u would probably get ruined very fast haha, but sometimes it does help, so I thought , instead of only buying myself something new only when I´ve finished something (like a goal, which can feel pretty good too) I get some new stuff (sometimes it can be cute chewing gums for like 10 Swedish kronor or something equally cheap or cute) because I deserve it. I deserve something pretty that can cheep me up. It´s the same with flowers. They always cheer me up. Anyway, I´m getting off the topic here, my new shoes are gold sneakers, and when I bought them the weather was really cold, so i couldn’t wear them =((( so i longed and longed for the warmer weather to arrive, and the warmer weather has arrived now, hooray. I´m soo happy, and I get happy every time I wear them cus they are soo cool…

here are pictures of some of my outfits, hope u will like them=)