Floating in the air

Sweet stuff. Pancakes, ice cream, coffee..I love it. so much. especially pancakes. and cappuccinos. I doubt anyone who has read my earlier posts have escaped the fact that I loooove cappuccinos, but there are actually no words on how much I love drinking cappuccinos. I think sweet stuff (doesn’t have to pancakes or ice cream, can be anything sweet) is good too for your health to do once in a while. During those (very few times) when I’ve banned myself from eating sweet stuff I have just ended up miserable. ok, its not for everyone, and I respect everyone´s choice to eat whatever that is best for them (and u shouldn’t eat too much of sweet stuff cus its not good for ur health), but I know for me, it puts me in a good mood if i eat something sweet every once in a while (ok, sometimes i do that more than once in a while..hrmmmm..). well, it has to be really good and should be made with love. u know if the muffin is from a café that is not a chain, but just one simple café or if the chocolate is made by a really nice company). Then you should it is my opinion. life without these sweet stuff is a life with too many limited beliefs.

I have always loved food, always loved eating, always appreciated really good food and I’ve never been able to eat a super teeny tiny portion and i will probably never do that anyway (cus, why torture urself when u know u just want to eat a lot more and that it will make u feel starving even afterwards?). so, yeah, besides having this big love for food, I’ve also always loved sweet stuff, such as muffins, cinnamon buns, ice cream (the good kind) and def chocolate! can’t get enough of chocoloate=)! and if you also drink a really good cappuccino on the side, then…its a perfect match! and if its also at a really nice café or outside with a friend…then thats amazing=)


here are some of my ”sweet” photos. enjoy!










Eating and drinking cappuccinos (whether its food or sweet stuff ) is best when your are out in the fresh air I believe. It makes it so much nicer to eat the food or drinking the cappuccino if you´re outside. Doesn´t necessarily have to be sunny weather, the food or the coffee can be equaly enjoyed when it´s cloudy weather, but of course its nicer to do that when its big sun outside=)

wish you all a nice Tuesday evening!

molto amore/