yellow all over the place

Yellow is a very different kind of color I think. Everyone has an opinion of  yellow. It is a color that you either love or that you don´t love. I think it is because of its´ strong nature. It is a very colorful color that stands out . It is also a color that make you alert in a second. It doesn´t matter whether you wear the color or if you drink something that is yellow (for example if you drink water with lemon in or if you drink orange juice you get a real energy boost). It boosts you up and make you feel really good, and it puts you in a really good mood. I don´t think I´ve ever heard anyone saying that they get in a bad mood when they either drink orange juice/wear something yellow and that´s what I love about yellow. How it makes me feel on the inside. only good stuff..and we want to feel good so why not use that color more?

Here are some of my ”yellow” photos. enjoy!





these pictures are all taken in my region Skåne (south Sweden). I hope you enjoyed them=)

lots of love,