Florals in the sky

I think I´ve said it like a thousand times before, but there´s something absolutely amazing about flowers. I just love them. so much. they bring me so much joy and happiness. Especially during the spring and summer when they are really up in the air so to speak.

It´s autumn now and almost all the leafs have fallen and landed on the ground. It´s a bit more quiet as it usually is during fall and wintertime. And there are no flowers anymore on the trees and on the bushes. and it makes me long for the flowers so much. They give me hope for the future. Actually every time that i look at flowers (whether it´s at pictures of them or it´s live flowers) I get in a happy mood and I can feel myself smiling. And isn´t that the most amazing feeling?

Here are some of my flower pictures. Some of them have already been shown before in my posts but I couldn’t resist showing them again because I love them so much. So happy ”reading”!

con molto amore!/ Hanne