I really love my shoes

There´s something special about shoes. I don´t know what it is that is so special about shoes, but maybe it is the way shoes can lighten (and brighten up) a whole outfit, or how shoes can make u feel cool and special. Or how they can make u feel powerful. Casual too for that matter. there are so many parts about shoes that make me love them so much. I could go on and on on how much I love shoes, but I won´t, because then this post would be a very long one=)

Anyway, I love taking pictures of my shoes and I used to do it during a long period couple of years ago, but for some reason I stopped doing it, but now I am, hey, l long to do it! I´m gonna do it a lot more now, cus it´s so much fun!

Hope you like my pictures of my beloved shoes that I btw bought in Sicily this summer. I think they are soo cool. I love the fact that they are so colorful and so happy. It was actually quite funny (not haha funny but ironic kinda funny) cus me and my friend were walking around in Palermo and my friend had been looking for new shoes for a couple of days, but she could´t find any ones that she really liked, and she wanted to go to go to one more store, and I was really tired and grumpy (cus we had been walking a lot that day and it was like 30 C outside..) and in we walked and what did I find the second I walked into the store but these shoes? it ended with me buying shoes and she went out without any shoes…So Im very happy she convinced to go that store, because if not then I would´t have had these wonderful shoes that make me smile everytime I use them=)


img_9813 img_9820 img_9821 img_9835 img_9837

img_9823So much fun to play around with ur camera. It makes u feel like a kid again, so I can deeply recommend doing that if you haven´t tried it already =)

lots of love,