It´s all about green (cus it makes you feel good)

Nature and me, we have this special bond. I´ve always loved the nature. Ever since I was a kid I have loved going to the nature. It is where I can breathe and where I can gather my thoughts when I feel things are getting too much for me or if I feel emotional or if I just want some alone time. Then nature will wait for me arriving and nature is always welcoming you with open arms. it doesn´t matter if you are having a bad day or if you´re crying or if you´re au contraire; super excited about something. The nature is never jealous or angry, it is always calm and happy and wild and free. Therefor nature has always been my happy place, where I feel safe. It always makes me feel good about myself going to the nature and when I go home, it feels as if Im going home with a lighter heart. lighter and happier=)

The nature is also my inspiration numero uno when it comes to taking pictures. Nature has a funny way of always looking good in pictures=) It is probably the way the wind moves or the waves move that makes the nature wild and free. Green is a color that makes you happy and serene.

Here are some of my ”green” photos. Hope you will like them!




IMG_1626IMG_1866IMG_3712IMG_3913IMG_3766IMG_3736These photos are taken in Malmö, (the centre, Ribban, Malmö Live and in Barcelona´s different kinds of cafés) this spring and this summer.

Wish you all a beautiful monday!

mucho amor,